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The Cybersecurity Institute Podcast by Entrust lets IT and business leaders listen in on smart cybersecurity conversations on what you need to know to protect, adapt and grow your enterprise. Episodes feature Entrust experts and guests speaking to topics ranging from ransomware and nation-state threats to unique perspectives on multi-cloud, zero trust, securing the supply chain, prioritizing infosec investments, decentralized identity, and more

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Tuesday May 17, 2022

Host Samantha Mabey interviews award-winning quantum physicist and CEO of Nu Quantum, Dr. Carmen Palacios-Berraquero on the science of quantum computing, the main technologies at play in the industry, and the opportunities our growing understanding of quantum physics will enable. From the Entrust Engage podcast Post Quantum Cryptography series, originally posted in May 2022.

Tuesday May 10, 2022

There’s no bigger story right now than the Russian war in Ukraine. And without putting aside the daily human tragedy … it’s also a cyberwar…one that could have far-reaching implications for enterprises and governments around the world. Entrust CIO Anudeep Parhar and CISO Mark Ruchie to talk about what’s happening, where we are today, and how you can help make your organization resilient in the face of attacks.
SC Magazine: Microsoft details rampant cyber warfare corresponding to Russian invasion
CISA’s Shield Up page
New York Times: U.S. Says It Secretly Removed Malware Worldwide, Pre-empting Russian Cyberattacks
Florida International University: How Ukraine has defended itself against cyberattacks – lessons for the US
The Free Press Journal: Russia-Ukraine conflict: 3 major types of cyber attacks detected so far

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